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  • How do I identify my Refu/Rexroth Bosch/Rexroth Indramat drive?
    All Refu/Rexroth Bosch/Rexroth Indramat Drives were originally shipped with an identifying nameplate. The nameplate contains drive rating data such as current, voltage and/or power as well as model number, serial number and a short description. Our individual drive pages for Refu/Rexroth Bosch/Rexroth Indramat Brand Drives (RPCS620, RD51/RD52/RD500, RS51, 316and308/310) indicate which model numbers correspond to the particular drive. If your drive nameplate is missing, please contact us and we will help you identify your drive.
  • How long is my warranty period?
    The warranty for new parts is 2 years. The warranty period for most repaired and refurbished drives and parts is 1 year. See also Quality and Warranty.
  • How long will my repaired unit last?
    In most cases we are able to identify the cause of the failure AND replace all fatigued/worn/known problematic parts which extends the life of the product for several years. Many components on modern drives are solid state and do not age in the same respect as mechanical parts do. See also Quality and Warranty.
  • Are you affiliated with Refu, Rexroth Bosch or Rexroth Indramat?"
    SPINDEL Electronics is not affiliated with any of these companies.
  • How do I send my drive in for repair?
    Any Refu product may be sent directly to us by prepaid freight, UPS, FedEx, DHL or other carrier. We request that you contact us at or 1-616-554-2200 and obtain a Return Material Authorization number (for tracking purposes) before you send in your product for repair. If you have specific questions about disconnecting your product or what parts of the product should be sent in, please contact one of our technicians. Please see our shipping page for further information.
  • Are your estimates free?
    Estimates for products which are sent in and evaluated to determine actual repair cost are free of charge. We also provide “first” level, free troubleshooting to determine your problem and will also provide a no cost estimate over the phone based on your description of the problem. Please see the pricing page for further information.
  • Are your replacement drives “drop in” compatible with Refu Drives?
    SPINDEL AC Drives are designed to replace Refu Brand drives and are functionally equivalent or better in all aspects. With the many variations in Refu products and drive complexities, however, our products are not “pin-for-pin” compatible. You may be required to re-terminate some connections for which we can easily assist you. For more information please visit our replacement drives page.
  • Do you repair other manufacturer’s drives?
    With our extensive drive experience, we do have the capability to repair many other drive brands. Our company's focus is, however, to be the best and most experienced repair company for high frequency, niche market and special purpose drives. Please call us if you need help identifying your drive brand and/or are unable to find a satisfactory repair facility for your product.
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