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In our repair efforts, a great deal of attention goes towards quality. Thoroughness of our initial inspections, the use of high quality parts and procedures, testing under heat and load and final inspection are all part of this effort. We take pride in the fact that the quality of these repairs has been our reputation for over 20 years.

We use original high quality components whenever they are available. If the original components are no longer available, we use our drive design knowledge to find the best replacement components.


The quality of our methods and procedures meets or exceeds the original factory standards. Of course, our instrumentation today is more sophisticated to meet the needs for quality, reputability and documentation of repair work.


Preventive Parts Replacement
The attention we give to each drive goes well beyond identifying and repairing the immediate problem. As drives age, so do their components. We pride ourselves on our quality inspections being preventative as well. Our experience helps us identify developing problems before they cause disruption in application. These preventive maintenance part replacements are often minimal in additional cost and pay off quickly. For customers who plan to keep these drives for longer times and for applications where down time is expensive, this reconditioning is a wise choice.


The warranty for new parts is 2 years. The warranty period for most repaired and refurbished drives and parts is 1 year.

Soldering circuit board
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