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RPCS 620

We repair all RPCS drives made by Refu Electronik. We stock many parts and are familiar with their typical applications. 

Please provide a detailed description of the drive, application and of the observed problem as possible. Such information saves time during troubleshooting and evaluation of the drive, allowing for better estimates on repair time and cost.

Whenever possible we make a record of all drive settings during evaluation. unless agreed differently, we return the repaired drive with identical settings.


Drive Identification

Please provide the full drive type designation which can be found on the drive nameplate. For example: 620UR0075-4NL.


Motor Information

Motor nameplate information (voltage, current, RPM, Hz, power) if available, is useful for verification that the drive is programmed correctly for all motors used.


Application Information

Please let us know on what kind/brand of machine your drive is used, along with some information on the specific application.